Member Share FAQ:

What is Member Share?

Member Share is a network of AAC members that have opted in to sharing beta and/or meeting up with fellow AAC members, either for some climbing or simply to grab a drink and some grub. Member share is completely optional and a great way to meet people in your local climbing community, find a partner when you're on the road, or even locate a place to crash for a few nights.

Why does the AAC no longer have a member directory?

Unlike a member directory that allows you to look up member's personal contact information, Member Share is search engine like Google. Why did it change? Members' privacy is very important to us. When we launched the first round of Member Share, many members reached out and asked for additional privacy settings. This version allows members to fine tune what personal information, if any, shows up in the returned results and on their personal profile. Members can choose to:

  • Allow Public profile
  • Allow their phone number
  • Allow their address to be displayed in their profile
  • Allow email address
  • Share their birthdate

  • How do I change my settings, contact information, and preferences?

    Once you've logged in to your online profile, navigate to cog at the top right of the navigation, which will take you to your Member Settings. From there, you'll be able to edit your contact information, configure your privacy settings, change your password, select your Member Share settings, and more. Make sure to keep your address current so that you receive your copies of AAC publications, your member ID card, and other mailings as quickly as possible.

    How do I opt in or out of Member Share?

    Click on the Member Settings link under the blue member box on your Profile page or click the small cog icon on the right side of your profile navigation. Click on your Member Share settings to opt in or out of Member Share, let other members know whether or not you are interested in meeting up to climb, have a guidebook to loan, can spare a couch for an out-of-towner, and more. Under Account Settings, you can select whether or not you'd like to share your email and city/state location with other members. Please note: Member Share 2.0 will no longer show your home address on search results.

    How do I find members using Member Share?

    Simply click on Member Share Search in your top Navigation or from the link available on your Benefits page. You can find a member in your area by clicking on your state on the map, or you can type a specific member's name, city, or state of residence in the search bar. Please note that for security reasons, we can only show AAC members who have opt-in to Member Search.

    Once you have chosen a state or entered a search term you can narrow your search results using the keywords on the left-hand side of the map.

    How can I find discounts offered by gyms, lodging, and other businesses in my area?

    Beyond helping you to find members near you, the map also displays local businesses, gyms, guide services, and lodging that offer discounts to our members. Simply search by entering your city and/or state of residence or the name the discount you're looking for in the search bar.

    What is the AAC's privacy policy?

    The AAC collects information you provide and uses this information to better serve you by responding to your requests, customizing your online shopping experience, and sending special offers from our partners. We keep your information secure using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts information you input. You may choose not to provide some information, but this may limit your ability to take advantage of certain features. We will share only the information that you choose to make public with other members through our Member Share. You may opt out of customized shopping, special offers, or member share at any time. For more information, see our full privacy policy.

    Your question not answered here?

    Shoot us an email at or give us a call at (303) 384-0110. We are happy to help in any way we can!